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Organizational Development

Dr. Harrington is President of  the Middlesex Group, Consultants to Management in Business and Industry.  The Middlesex Group is a collective of Senior Behavioral Consultants with offices in Andover, Beverly, Burlington, Concord, and Lexington - Massachusetts. Dr. Harrington’s Resume (see Introductory Page) outlines some of his more significant experiences in this People-Management function.

Our Philosophy:
A "holistic approach to systems" is taken to develop strategies, that help assure organizational health and insure appropriate internal systems integration, problem solving (currently experienced or expected) and individual health and development.  

Starting with the special needs of business executives (even their spouse and their families - including marriage and family counseling when indicated) all directed towards helping them to "grow" their organizations and employees to be leaders in this rapidly changing world of technological innovation and international competition..........

Wouldn’t you agree?...There is no end to the decisions that Executives must make involving the Company’s Chief Asset:...P E O P L E...  Hiring - Firing - Evaluating - Training - Motivating - Coaching - Reorganizing etc.  (From the Human Resources Department to the Janitorial Staff)

While many Consultants and Consulting Organizations offer “canned” programs (which are taken off a shelf and plugged into a Company’s Operations on a “chance that they will work basis”), Dr. Harrington and his Associates suggest a more personalized approach to deal with the areas above and related issues.  How, does this PROCESS start?

For example: Contact would be established first between Dr. Harrington and a Senior Executive - frequently the Chairman of The Board; The President; The CEO; and/or a Senior Vice-President.  Working together, we would discuss the concerns and needs of the Company, analyze the resources, (internal and external) and reply with possible solutions.  This "Consulting-Coaching" might take place in our office, but more frequently takes place on the Company’s premises.

Working with Senior Executives and Management Teams, Dr. Harrington, is, therefore, able to adapt professional and practical principles to problem solving along the broad spectrum of individual and organizational behavior.

In summary:  We spend a little time getting to know each other - your issues - our skills - and WE decide the best way to proceed. That may mean:

A. We help you develop and understand better your tools (educational and personal), so that you can direct the changes you want implemented.

B. We work with you “at the Top Level of Decision Making “ so that you (we) develop the appropriate questions, collect the available information; organize the necessary procedures, select and train the correct people, and delegate your authority.

C. At this point -- if  you feel I might be of help - please contact me for a consultation.

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