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Let me begin by thanking you for taking the time to see if I might be able to provide some professional services, that could help you to "make your life better".  Whether at home, at work or at play, there are questions - that if addressed directly and answered properly - can make a big difference in the quality of ones' life.

Before you consult a Professional, be it a Clergyman, Accountant, Auto Mechanic, Medical Doctor or - a behavioral - advisor - coach - counselor you want to be sure that that individual has the appropriate background and training for you to start the interviewing process.

Your interview of me begins with this web site.

The purpose of this information is to see if you might want to employ my servicesand: After you’re read it I hope you will feel that we should get together and then you can answer better the following questions:

1. Does Dr. Harrington have the appropriate background, education, experience, and value system to be your behavioral consultant? and.....
2. Do our personalities fit? - will you be comfortable trusting that I will be able to understand you and your needs and the people you need to deal with -- in all areas of your life.

With thirty years (30+) of successful experience in the delivery of comprehensive personal counseling, coaching, and business consulting, the unique distinction among psychologically trained professionals is my widely varied training and experience. I am able to call upon, not only my doctoral training (Ph.D. qualifying exams passed with “Distinction”), but extensive experience and common sense. Therefore, many years of work with individuals and organizations dealing with Education, Business, Public Trust, and personal responsibility, enable me to offer my services to you.

Click on the categories on the left for specific information.  I'll look forward to hearing from you....

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